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         London might be an expensive city, but if you plan your visit wisely you can find a lot of ways to cut back on your expenses. A little creativity and some research can make a tight budget go a long way so you can have a great time in London without breaking the bank. Here’s how:

         Book your flight to London in advance and avoid peak times. The earlier you book your tickets, the cheaper they will be and it doesn’t hurt to keep an eye on the airline special offers. There are a lot of budget airlines operating flights in and out of London such as EasyJet, RyanAir or WizzAir.

         Same rules apply when you want to visit certain attractions. It’s better to book tickets online and in advance as you will avoid the queues and save some money. For example, there’s a 10% discount on London Eye tickets if you book online.

        When you choose your accommodation, go for hostels, B&B’s or guest houses that tend to be cheaper than big hotel chains. You’ll also feel more at home than in a random hotel room and the hosts can give you interesting tips for visiting the city that only locals know.

       If you’re staying at a guest house, you can also save money on food since you can cook your own meals. But if you want to go out to eat, buffets and traditional cafes are quite affordable and street food is also very popular, so you can wander around the streets and find the best food trucks in London. Another way to enjoy a pleasant meal is to take some sandwiches with you and have a relaxing picnic in one of  London’s many wonderful parks.

       London’s public transport system is reliable and fast. The underground is ideal for getting around the city and the cheapest way to travel is by using an Oyster card. A Visitor Oyster card can help you save a lot of money on transport considering it’s 50% cheaper than buying individual tickets every time you need to go somewhere.

       Now let’s get to the fun part – attractions! You can visit more than 60 amazing attractions with the London Pass. This sightseeing city card will help you save time and money and you will get the chance to see famous landmarks such as the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, Windsor Castle and many more.

      Walking tours are also a great idea to visit the city and they are tip based. Alternatively, you can cycle your way through London and discover many hidden gems.

     If you want to create your own itinerary, there are many cheap or free attractions available. Most museums and galleries in London are completely free and so are the stunning royal parks. Entertainment is everywhere in London. You can see free street shows in Covent Garden, enjoy live music at an open-air festival, buy cheap tickets at a West End theatre performance or party all night long in one of London’s lively pubs or nightclubs.

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