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The door frames are made up of three main parts: the door stop – the part against which the doors will stop, the door lining – the part where the hinges are installed, and the architrave which is the wooden border that encases the door.  The process of painting architrave is not an easy one, as this element of architecture is attached to the walls. Here are the steps that you must follow when you decide to paint architrave:

  1. Preparing the space

If you have decided to apply paint to the architraves, you must ensure that the place is properly ventilated. Make sure you open the window and that you protect your floors from getting any paint on them by covering them with paper.

  1. Removing the old paint

The second step consists of removing the old layers of paint. If you are using a hot-air-gun, be careful not to damage the wood. It’s also a good idea to wear protective gear such as gloves and a mask while you remove lead paint.

  1. Sanding down the architrave

The third step consists of cleaning the surface thoroughly and removing any leftover paint and dirt. You can do this by using a cleaning solution and a sponge. After you’ve washed the architrave, sand it down with fine sandpaper and use a clean cloth and some white spirit to remove any residual paint and dust.

  1. Eliminating the knots

If the architrave is made out of wood, you might encounter knows. You should remove them using a knotting sealer.

  1. Applying the masking tape

In order to protect your walls, you must put some masking tapes all around the edges of your architrave. You can also use masking tape to protect the floors.

  1. Applying the primer

You are now ready to apply the first layer of primer. Make sure you brush it into the wood thoroughly and let it dry for a day before sanding down the surface.

  1. Applying undercoat

Use a thin brush to apply the first layer of undercoat. To have a finer control, hold the brush near the top. Let the undercoat dry for about a day before applying the next layer of paint.

  1. Filling the joints

Now that the undercoat is dry, you can start filling the joints between the door’s lining and the architrave with caulk. When it’s dry, make sure you wipe it clean and if you somehow applied an excessive amount of caulk, just sand it down.

  1. Applying the topcoat

Last but not least, apply the top coat. A lot of people prefer finishing the architrave by using a brush, but you can achieve a nice result with a small roller as well. Specialists recommend using a 1-inch brush. Make sure you use enough paint, as spreading the paint too thinly is a common mistake.

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